Choosing a College
Choosing the college that's right for you will probably be one of the most important decisions you have ever had to make. But RELAX- with over 3,100 colleges in the United States, there are lots of right colleges for every student. The only wrong college choices are uninformed choices. If you wait until the last minute to begin choose a college, you may not have time to do a thorough college search and you may be forced to select institutions on the basis of one or two factors alone. For instance, you may choose to apply to a particular institution because a few of your friends plan to attend or because your parents or siblings have attended. Similarly, you may be tempted to apply to colleges because of their reputation alone. Remember, it's important to be less concerned with gaining admission to a "good school" than to one that would be good for you. To identify five to ten colleges that would be a good match for you, consider the following Three Steps:

STEP ONE: Know your personal and academic profile

STEP TWO: Know what you're looking for in a college

STEP THREE: Know where to find the answers

Remember, your final college choices should include one or two "long shots," four or five "realistic," and one or two "highly likely" schools. Good luck with your search, especially with your final college choice. Be diligent and it will certainly pay off!