Are you ready for an online class?
Self-assessment quiz and technical skill survey

Name (Last, First) ______________________________________

1. My motivation for taking online classes is:
a) My work schedule or life circumstances prevent me from taking campus classes
b) I would like to see if this is a possible alternative to campus classes
c) I am not yet sure how taking online classes will benefit me

2. I am someone who:
a) generally, always reads directions carefully
b) skims directions to get the general idea
c) does not generally read directions

3. I would rate my reading ability as:
a) High - reading ability is one of my strengths
b) Average - I usually understand what I read
c) Lower than average - reading is not one of my strengths

4. Chose the statement below that best fits you:
a) I express myself best in writing
b) I express myself fairly well in writing
c) It is difficult for me to express myself in writing

5. I best understand information when it is presented in:
a) a visual format (written, pictures, diagrams, etc.)
b) both visual and auditory format (lecture, tapes, etc.)
c) an auditory format

6. I have:
a) highly developed computer skills
b) moderately developed computer skills
c) lower than average computer skills

7. The amount of time I expect to spend on an online course is…
a) more than I would on a campus course
b) the same I would for a campus course
c) less than I would on a campus course

8. I am someone who…
a) can manage my time effectively and always meet deadlines without having to be reminded
b) has some difficulty managing my time effectively, but often meets deadlines without having to be reminded
c) does not manage my time very effectively and often has difficulty meeting deadlines without being reminded

9. Face to face social interaction with both my instructor and classmates is…
a) not important to me in my educational experience
b) an important part of my educational experience, but not essential
c) an essential part of my educational experience

10. Considering my work schedule and life circumstances, the amount of time I have to work on an online course is:
a) 7-9 hours per week
b) 4-6 hours per week
c) 1-3 hours per week