Dan McElroy
e-mail:  Dan.McElroy@outlook.com
RESUME December 2016

High-level - HTML, C, Visual C++, Java, Visual Basic, Pascal, FORTRAN, PL/1
Assembler - Intel 8051,8086-80386, 8085, Zilog Z80, Z8, RCA 1802, HP1000, Varian 620, Hitachi H8, Data General 1200

Linux, UNIX, Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS, Nucleus-Plus, HP1000, Vortex, Turn-key systems

Microcontroller interfacing, TTL logic design, I2C Bus. Hardware development tools.

Programming User interface design
Microcontroller systems Low-level hardware programming
Device drivers Game development
Hardware diagnostics Semiconductor process applications
Data communications Product support
Automotive test equipment Technical writing
1985-Current Instructor/Coordinator. San Jose City College, San Jose, CA. Computer information systems. Unix, Linux, C, C++, PASCAL, OOP, data base, data structures, Windows, DOS, word processing, spreadsheets, Intro to programming, Intro to computers, digital, microprocessor h/w & s/w, assembly language, web sites, general electronics, etc. Duties include course development, staff training, interactive educational software and production of instructional video tapes.

1998-2002 Software Contractor - Philips Semiconductor, Sunnyvale, CA. - Validation of several microcontrollers prior to market release - Low-level testing, Timers, I2C, UART, I/O Counters, A/D, D/A, Memory I/F, FLASH

1997-1998 Sr. Software Engineer. San Andreas Systems, Inc. Hollister, CA. (Abbott Medical Labs, Morgan Hill) - Software development. Software upgrade for a heart catheter. BIOS modifications, C programming in multi-tasking system. Control panel user interface, product simulator.

1995-1996 Senior Programmer. ATG Cygnet, San Jose, CA. - Software product development. Embedded system, source code developed on PC's, but stored on a Sun-UNIX system using RCS. The project included robot activation, NV-RAM, device drivers (serial, file-system, virtual terminal), multi-lingual control panel, maintenance modes, systems integration.

1990-1995 Project Leader. Dynabal / Automotive Tracking Systems, San Jose, CA. - Software/hardware product development. Finite state machine, interactive wheel aligner and wheel balancer using microcontroller based sensors and PCs. Wheel aligner system is both icon and menu driven for ease of use by automotive shop workers not trained as computer operators. It accesses a database containing specifications for over thirty years of vehicles. Sensors networked via RS-232 daisy-chain. IBM-PC code in 'C'/8086 assembly, Z80, 6502, Hitachi H8, 8051.

1993-1994 Independent Contract Programmer. - Zilog based TV/VCR/cable IR controller interfaced to computer bus. 2) Video switching unit controlled by microcontroller via MS-Windows dialog boxes. 3) Remote power supply sensor via RS-232

1985 Independent Contract Programmer. Timecel, Washington D.C. - Software product development for menu-driven pocket digital assistant. 1802 assembly language with interface to IBM-PC in 'C'.

1982-1984 Senior Programmer. Videosoft, Santa Clara, CA. - Interactive video games, Virtual Reality golf game activated by real golf clubs, color-bar generator, hardware interfaces

1978-1982 Senior Programmer. Amdahl, Sunnyvale, CA. - High-Speed Memory Tester (HMT), laser bonder controller, diagnostics, real-time operating systems device drivers, software maintenance (C, FORTRAN, assembly, HP-1000, Data General Nova)

1976-1978 Senior Technical Writer, Memorex, Santa Clara, CA. - Hardware documentation for disk and communications controllers

1973-1976 Senior Programmer, Varian Data Machines, Irvine, CA. - Diagnostics, Device Drivers, Application Software

1969-1973 Hardware Engineer / Programmer, TRW Data Systems, Hawthorne, CA - TTL logic design and applications programming for an on-line credit verification system

B.S. Electronics Engineering Technology, Weber State College, Ogden UT, 1969