GE 207

Mon-Thurs 8am - 9 pm; Fri 8am-2pm


All SJCC students may use the Writing Center for assistance with writing on a drop-in basis. The following services are provided:

To use the Writing Center services, students come to the Writing Center and enroll in a 0-unit, 0-cost section of the course entitled "Supervised Tutoring" (LS 210). After completion of required paperwork, the Center staff will enroll the student in the appropriate section of LS 210. It is not necessary to go to Admissions and Records. Once enrolled, students will be able to use the Center as often as desired throughout the semester.

There are also a limited number of writing tutors available to work with students during scheduled 1-hour appointments on an ongoing, regular basis throughout the semester. Students interested in this kind of tutoring should speak to one of the instructional assistants in the Center.