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Community College courses vs. University courses
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Open Lab Hours
CIS-26 Design Web Based Courses
CIS-31A-101 C# Programming

CIS 041-103 Intro to CIS
CIS-54 C/C++ Programming
CIS-55 Data Structures
CIS-59 Object Oriented Programming

CIS 073-101 Visual Basic Programming
CIS 084-101 Java Programming
CIS 098-101 Directed Studies
CIS-131 Introduction: to the Internet
CIS157-101 Introduction to Unix
CIS-158 Unix System Admin

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Transfer Admissions Basics Most 4 year colleges/universities will consider transfer students who complete a minimum of 60 transferable units. Some schools, primarily, private schools, will accept students with less than 60 units.

If you have completed at least 15 transferable units and have not met with a counselor yet, now is the time to schedule an appointment. Please contact the Counseling Department at 288-3750.

"Choosing A College" - Helpful hints on choosing the college for you
The Writing Center - help for writing papers
The Tutoring Center - help with many classes
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